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In Practice

Generating your first encryption key takes only 3 minutes:

  1. First, create a standard user.
  2. Create a group with your previously created user in it.
  3. Authenticate your new standard user.
  4. With this user, create a keychain with the previously created group.
  5. Retrieve the key from the keychain.

You can then use this encryption key to encrypt your sensitive data via the client part of the solution.

Admin and standard users having rights on almost all layers allow adapting the solution to the needs of all software designs.

Here is the rights matrix for each type of user:

ResourceSuper Administrator UserAdministrator UserStandard User
ApplicationsRead / Write--
UsersRead / Write (administrators only)Read / Write (standard users only)Read (themselves)
Groups-Read / WriteRead / Write
Cryptographic Keys--Read (their own and those they have access to through a group)
Connection SessionsReadRead (application only)Read (their own)
Key AccessReadRead (application only)Read (their own)

Administrators and super administrators do not have access to encryption keys to prevent software parts of applications using Lagertha from decrypting the data they host.